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We Work Hard To Provide You High Grade Pedigree rams

“It’s so wonderful to experience how something new enters earth and to complete the whole cycle is indescribable.” – Dries Pienaar, owner of White Wools Dohne Merino Stud

Our History

White Wools Founded
Jan Pienaar

Jan Pienaar was born in Colesberg,
Northern Cape. He was the youngest of 3
brothers, he received his education at the
prestigious Paarl Boys High and matriculated
in 1947. He also played senior rugby for
the Griqualand West as a young man.
Jan started farming with Merinos in
Colesberg after school. He was Vice
Chairman of Merino SA for a number of
years and he was renowned for being a true
statesman for the Merino in those years. Jan
always made time for the young farmers
that flocked to him, and he gleefully and
freely shared his wisdom.

White Wools Second Generation
Andries Pienaar

Andries Pienaar was born in Hanover in 1957. He received
his education at Paarl Boys High and matriculated in 1975
as Paarl Boys High’s first SA Schools player. He studied at
the University of Stellenbosch, where he would be a
regular feature in the Maties first rugby team. In 1980, he
exchanged his first love – rugby – for his forever love -
Merino breeding. Together with his cousin, they made
history by being the first South Africans to live import a
ram from Australia. Andries’s deep-rooted passion for
breeding high quality rams has never faltered and is still
today a significant figure in the industry. He started
White Wools Dohne Stud as he felt that the ‘hardiness’ of
the Merino was better suited for the sour veld

White Wools Third Generation
Dries Pienaar

Just like those before him, Dries received his
education from Paarl Boys High where after he
studied at the University of Stellenbosch. Dries
continued to pursue his career in Johannesburg,
but he always knew that the farm was where he
needed to be. So, 7 years ago, Dries joined his
father, Andries Pienaar on the White Wools farm
in Molteno. Technology that has been developed
& continues to be developed for stud farming are
a large part of what gets Dries excited about the
future of White Wools. He continues to uphold
the legacy of a White Wools farmer that
produces high-quality studs, that go further and
offer you more value.

3 Main reasons that drives White Wool passion for being a Dohne Merino Farmer.


It’s an incredibly adaptable sheep – it is a gratifying experience to see them adapt to me and my environment, especially when it gets minus 10 degrees here in Molteno.



It’s a huge passion for me to breed rams for clients, and to improve and grow their business through my breeding. Each client and his needs are unique, and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with each one.


It’s very rewarding to farm with living and breathing animals. It’s so wonderful to experience something new brought to earth and to complete the whole cycle from a little lamb to adult ram is indescribable.


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